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Audacity software
Open source audio recording and editing software for most computer Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.
Audacity tutorial
How to use fades in mixing all elements of your radio piece.
creativepro Producing Podcasts
Blogs are a good way to establish a more personal Web presence. But if you've got the talent for talk, a podcast can be an even more attractive avenue.
Free and easy to use software which "tunes" you mp3 files with ID3 tags & album art, generates an iTunes compatible XML file, and posts the mp3 & XML files to your website.
Royalty free music for use in podcasts, etc. if you give credit.
Podcast receivers for Linux
Linux and living with your iPod, or Apple loves Mac and barely does Windows much less Linux.
RSS Tools
tools and information on RSSs
from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RSS (file format)
from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RSS 2.0 Specification
A very readable documentation of the technical aspects of RSS feeds from the Harvard Law School (lawyers doing geek understandably, whoda thunk!)
RSS Compendium
Compendium of RSS Editors
RSS Specifications and RSS Feeds
RSS specifications and general information related to RSS and XML, including rss software, newsreaders, content syndication, and the history of rss.
RSS Tutorial
A tutorial for content publishers and webmasters
blogging - podcasting - vlogging
Voxmedia Wiki
how to podcast
W3C Feed Validation Service
for Atom and RSS
W3C RSS 1.0
news feed creation how-to
W3C RSS 2.0
the specification
WindowsDevCenter.com -- Create Podcasts Using Your PC
Want to create a podcast? It's simpler than you think. Jake Ludington shows you how to do it using tools virtually everyone has or can easily acquire on a tiny budget.

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