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syllabi from past classes

(These are maintained here for reference purposes only.)

Click on a course title below to see its syllabus when I last taught it. This is a list of courses I taught prior to my retirement. This page is being maintained on a irregualr basis for reference purposes only, in case former students of mine should need access to the syllabus of a class they once took from me. I occasionally teach some of these on a part-time basis but usually these are now taught by other members of the CT Dept. If a course interests you which is not currently being offered please contact the CT Dept Chair and let them know so they can try to get it on an upcoming semester's schedule. Also, email them with suggestions for courses you would like to see GBC offer which are not listed. To find other information concerning Great Basin College, the Computer Technologies Department, our faculty, or GBC student activities select from the navigation links in the upper left corner.

My most recently taught class syllabi include:
CIT 110 A+ Hardware
CIT 151 Beginning Web Development
CIT 152 Web Scripting Language Development
CIT 174 Linux System Administration
CIT 301 Network Management Essentials
CIT 361 TCP/IP: Managing Network Resources
CIT 454 eCommerce
CIT 480 SQL Database Design & Implementation
COT 204 Intro. to Windows
COT 301 Database Management Essentials
COT 490 Digital Communications (Capstone)
GIS 109 Fundamentals of GIS
GIS 110 Principles of Cartography
GIS 205 GIS Applications
GIS 212 Intermediate ArcInfo
GIS 250 GIS Database
GIS 270 GIS Extensions
GIS 290 Portfolios in GIS
GIS 301 GIS Essentials
GIS 320 GIS in Business & Community
GRC 301 Graphic Comm. Mgmt. Essentials
GRC 383 Adv. Multimedia Design: Video/Audio
IS 101 Intro. to Information Systems
IS 301 Management Information Systems


The following class syllabi are for very old classes many of which are no longer offered.
AST 101 - General Astronomy
Thanks to the NSF continuing ed program
vbluline CIT 107 - Networking Technologies
replaced by CIT 112
COT 207B - Building & Managing Web Sites
no longer available, see CIT 151-152
CIT 112 - PC Operating Systems, Win2KPro
or Win98 replaced by CIT 211
COT 198B - C++ Programming Language I
replaced by CIT 133
CIT 164 - MS Server Administration
replaced by CIT 212
COT 198B - Intro. to Using UNIX
no longer available, see CIT 174
CIT 173 - Linux Installation & Configuration
no longer available, see CIT 174
COT 282B - Upgrade & Repair of PCs
replaced by CIT 110
CIT 215 - Microsoft Networking V
see classes now taught by Laura Pike
CIT 310 - Management Information Systems
replaced by IS 301

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