COT 198B - Using UNIX

Revised: August 31, 1998 for the Fall '98 semester
Credits: 1
Instructor: Ed Nickel
Office: GTA 101
Phone: 753-2241 (office with voice mail)
Class Web Page Address:
Textbook: Introduction to UNIX, by George Meghabghab. Available in the college bookstore.

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Welcome to COT 198B, Using Unix. This is a special topics course designed for those who need an introduction to the UNIX operating system. This course will cover UNIX in both a theoretical and a practical way giving students background information on the principles of UNIX and hands on use of essential UNIX commands.

I can be reached at the phone number listed above or you can make an appointment to see me during office hours or at other times. Office hours are posted on my office door.

By the end of this class you should:

Your grade will be based on completing the assignments and attendance. This is a letter grade class with an A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, D=60-69%, W=59% or less. There is no curve in this grading scale. Your grade will be based on your assignments (65%) and participation in class (35%). Any excused absences must be agreed to by the instructor in advance unless there are strong extenuating circumstances. Two unexcused absences may result in withdrawal. The code of conduct stated in The Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University Community will be enforced.


Specific assignments will be given in class as handouts or verbally. Assignments for each week will be due in class the week after they were covered in class.

Week and Topic:
  1. introduction to the class, to student accounts and to UNIX, chapters 1 & 2
  2. the UNIX file system, chapter 3
  3. file and directory manipulation, chapter 4
  4. permissions and system info, chapter 5
  5. text editors, chapter 6
  6. shells, chapter 8
  7. other commands and tools
  8. C, UNIX networking and system admin, chapters 9, 10 & 11
  9. email and the internet, chapters 7 & 12
  10. the final exam

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