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CIT 310 - Management Information Systems

Revised: August, 2005
Credits: 3
Instructor: Ed Nickel, click here for my home page
Office: HTC 133, click when for office hours.
Phone: 753-2241 (office with voice mail) or you can call using Skype VoIP to connect to ednickel (which is a free Internet long distance phone service)
E-mail: Submit class related questions & assignments via WebCT email
Class Web Page:
Textbooks: Management Information Systems 4th edition, by Effy Oz, Course Technology, ISBN: 0-619-21322-1, which is available through the GBC Bookstore.

Course description: The fundamentals of design, implementation, control, evaluation, and strategic use of computer-based information systems for business data processing, office automation, information reporting, and decision making. Emphasizes managerial and strategic aspects of information technology with some hands-on work using information management software. Prerequisite: Completion of an Associate degree.


Welcome to CIT 310, Management Information Systems, an Internet based class via GBC's WebCT site. This course covers both the basic theory and the current practice of management information systems in business and enterprise. We will cover information systems from input, through processing, output, and storage, as well as system design, data validation, and security issues.

The weekly chapter readings, links to supplemental readings, and the most significant assignments are listed in the schedule below. Assignments are due in class the week after they have been assigned. Additional assignments may be given from time to time depending on class progress and due dates will be noted when the assignments are given. To complete assignments students may use open GBC computer labs in Battle Mountain, Elko, Ely, and, Winnemucca, or, if available, their own computer and appropriate software.

I urge you to watch Nightly Business Report or Wall Street Week on PBS, listen to Marketplace or Marketplace Morning Report on NPR or, read the Wall Street Journal or some other general business publication during this semester. You will find that hardly a week goes by without a news story of a significant business success or failure that directly relates to that business's information systems. You are encouraged to incorporate these news events into postings of your regular class discussion assignments.

As an Internet based class, there are no traditional lectures, discussions, or labs, however, you are expected to keep up with the weekly chapter reading assignments from the book and the supplementary materials linked in the schedule below. In lieu of discussions and lectures you will be expected to post your own college quality comments on one topic related to class readings during each of the four class segments (see the course schedule below) of the class and post college quality responses to two posts from your fellow students. As instructor I will post potential discussion ideas for each segment's readings, I will read & assess your posts, and comment on them if necessary for clarification purposes.

I can be reached vis WebCT, at the phone number listed above or, you can make an appointment to see me. My office hours are posted on my office door and on my website. The schedule of readings, assignments, homework, and tests is found below. Any additional assignments will be given through postings on this class's WebCT site.


The successful student in this class will be able to:

  1. explain the meaning of terms used to describe common techniques and concepts in business information systems;
  2. design simple information systems using appropriate computer software to analyze various business decision scenarios;
  3. appraise various ways in which information systems are used in business and management. Systems to be appraised shall include operational, tactical, and strategic information systems;
  4. generate and interpret the results of a small-scale information system project;
  5. identify and suggest appropriate responses to managerial and organizational issues stemming from development, implementation, and use of computer-based information systems;
  6. describe the challenges and critique solutions for implementing multi-national corporate information systems, including those of economic and cultural differences;
  7. articulate major social and ethical issues involved in the development and use of information technology.
Student Outcome Assessment
Assessment Method Learner Outcomes
Class Discussion via web posts 1, 3, 5, 6, 7
Business Decision & Software Assignments 2, 3, 4
Exams 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Your grade will be based 30% on assignments, 20% on participation, 25% on mid-term exam, and 25% on final exam. This is a letter grade class an A=90-100%, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, D=60-69%, F=59% or less or W=Official Withdrawal if done before the withdrawal deadline. There is no curve in this grading scale. All assignments will be due one week from the time they are given. If you miss three (3) discussion postings it will result in a failing grade. The code of conduct stated in The Rules and Disciplinary Procedures for Members of the University Community will be enforced.


In order to keep up with the posted web discussions, you should read and understand each week's topics as they are covered. The first week of class begins on August 29th, the mid-term exam will be available the week of October 17th, and the final will be available the week of December 9th. Each exam will have a two hour time limit once you begin taking it.

Assignments, chapters & readings by week:
Week 1: Chapters 1-2 Business information systems and their strategic uses For 5% of our grade, post your analysis of one key topic from chapters 1-4 (10 pts.) & respond to two other student's postings (5 pts. ea.) during these three weeks.
Week 2: Chapter 3 Information systems in business functions
Week 3: Chapter 4 Information technology: hardware
Week 4: Chapter 5 Information technology: software
1st Excel/Solver excercise assignment (30 pts.)
For 5% of our grade, post your analysis of one key topic from chapters 1-4 (10 pts.) & respond to two other student's postings (5 pts. ea.) during these three weeks.
Week 5: Chapter 6 Telecommunications and introduction to networks
Week 6: Chapter 7 The Internet, intranets, and extranets
2nd Excel/Solver excercise assignment (30 pts.)
Week 7: Chapter 8 Data and knowledge management
Week 8:     Mid-term Exam (100 pts.)
Week 9: Chapter 9 Information needs of managers For 5% of our grade, post your analysis of one key topic from chapters 1-4 (10 pts.) & respond to two other student's postings (5 pts. ea.) during these three weeks.
Week 10: Chapters 10-11 Organizing information resources for various needs
MS Project assignment (30 pts.)
Week 11: Chapter 12 Decision support and a little GIS
Week 12: Chapter 13 Artificial intelligence and “expert” systems
MS Visio assignment (30 pts.)
Week 13: Chapters 14-15 Planning information systems & systems development For 5% of our grade, post your analysis of one key topic from chapters 1-4 (10 pts.) & respond to two other student's postings (5 pts. ea.) during these three weeks.
Week 14: Chapter 16 Alternative systems acquisition methods
Week 15: Chapter 17 Information systems risks, controls, security & disaster recovery
Week 16:   Final Exam (100 pts.)

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