Getting a better textbook value!

You can search for textbook prices using the title, author, or ISBN at the ever popular, Barnes & Noble, or the following used textbook sites. I found most of these sites by doing a Google search on used college textbooks which results in 1,000s of additional websites. So, shop around for a better deal on your textbooks.

However, please allow sufficient time before classes start for your books to arrive since shipping can take 1-2 weeks. Furthermore, you should compare shipping costs as well as book prices at each vendor. vbluline

Since I have personally used only a few of these vendors I cannot vouch for either their prices or customer service records but this is at least a starting point to help you get a better deal. So, start shopping around!

maybe you prefer RENTING textbooks:

Thank you Morgan Garton, a student in one of my classes, for trying and telling me about as an alternative to buying textbooks. There are several other textbook rental sites and the GBC Bookstore now offers rentals as well.

even FREE e-books & audio books are possible:

My thanks to Genie Goicoechea for suggesting Project Gutenberg where many novels, short stories, literature examples, humanities texts, etc. are available free. Project Gutenberg also lists a number of partners, affiliates and additional resources with free or low cost books. Some of these are also available as free audio downloads at Librivox and other Project Gutenberg affiliates.

notes on SELLING your used books:

I would also like to mention that sites like (formerly allow you to auction your old textbooks directly and many of the other sites will buy your used textbooks when you are done with them.

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