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Bachelor's of Applied Science in Digital Information Technology
( BAS-DI )

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last updated February, 2014

The purpose of this degree emphasis is to prepare computer professionals who would like to advance within computing and computer related departments for management positions.

The BAS-DI program is currently undergoing review so this page is subject to change in the near future but will still closely follow the general outline shown here.

A prerequisite for all students to be admitted to this BAS emphasis is an AAS with an emphasis in CADD, GIS, Graphics Communications, Information Specialist, Network Specialist, Office Technology, or Web Specialist from the Great Basin College or an equivalent AAS from another community college.


The GBC BAS-DI degree requirements include:

Section I. BAS General Education (upper division) 24 credits
COM 113
THTR 221
Fundamentals of Speech I, or
Oral Interpretation
3 credits
ENG 333 Professional Communications 3 credits
AMS 310
MATH 181
STAT 152
Mathematical Systems Applied to Technology
Calculus I, or
Principles of Statistics I
3-4 credits
INT 339 Integrative Humanities Seminar 3 credits
INT 349 Integrative Social Science Seminar 3 credits
INT 359 Integrative Mathematics Seminar 3 credits
INT 369 Integrative Science Seminar 3 credits
ECON 311 Professional Ethics 3 credits

Section II. Applied Science Core 15 credits
FIN 310 Applied Accounting and Finance 3 credits
MGT 310 Foundations of Management Theory and Practice 3 credits
MGT 323
MGT 367
Organization and Interpersonal Behavior, or
Human Resource Management
3 credits
AMS 320
PHYS 180
Science and Engineering in Technology, or
Engineering Physics
3-4 credits
MGT 441 Operational Quality Control and Problem Solving 3 credits

Section III. Digital Information Technology Emphasis 21 credits
Since students in this emphasis come from a variety of AAS computing areas, they will need upper division recaps outside their AAS emphasis. The following five courses are 1 credit each, from which students must take 3, with advisor's approval, that are outside their AAS specialization:
CIT 303 Intermediate Survey of Computing 3 credits
GRC 383 Advanced Multimedia Design: Video & Audio 3 credits
CIT 454 eCommerce 3 credits
IS 301 Management Information Systems 3 credits
GIS 320 GIS in Business and Community 3 credits
CIT 361 TCP/IP: Managing Network Resources 3 credits
COT 490 Digital Communications Capstone 3 credits

The catalog course descriptions for the BAS-DI emphasis classes are as follows:

Survey of Computing

CIT 303 - Intermediate Survey of Computing 3 cr.

This course surveys essential concepts in a wide range of computing fields including database management, GIS, graphic communications, networking, and programming required by managers of computing systemsand departments. This class assumes students understand at least one area of computing well then builds on that understanding to provide them with a survey of additional computing technologies that IT managers could reasonably be expected to facilitate and supervise. (Prerequisite: an AAS degree with an emphasis in a computing field.)

Graphic Communications

GRC 383 - Advanced Multimedia Design: Video & Audio 3 cr.

Covers planning, design, and creation of multimedia projects which include video and audio elements. Student will build on processes learned in prior classes to learn scene creation, transitions, voice over, digital music recording, sound effects, and other techniques. This course culminates in planning, creating, and presenting a project making use of the techniques learned. (Prerequisite: GRC 301, CIT 303, or instructor's approval)

Programming & Internet Business Systems

CIT 454 - eCommerce 3 cr.

Ecommerce examples will be explored, along with concepts of this modern selling environment. A working ecommerce site will be developed on the Internet. (Prerequisite: COT 301, CIT 302, CIT 303, or instructor's approval)

Database & Information Management

IS 301 - Management Information Systems 3 cr.

The fundamentals of design, implementation, control, evaluation, and strategic use of computer-based information systems for business data processing, office automation, information reporting, decision making. Emphasizes managerial and strategic aspects of information technology with some hands-on work using information management software. (Prerequisite: completion of an associates degree or instructor's approval; formerly: CIT 310)

Geographical Information Systems

GIS 320 - Geographic Information Systems in Business and Community 3 cr.

Basic techniques for geographic analysis and summary of business or community problems. Finding patterns and relationships in tabular and spatial data is emphasized. Popular geographic information software will be used for demonstration and projects. Students will work in teams to identify a problem and collect data for visualization and analysis of the problem. To present findings, students will create a map layout. (Prerequisite: GIS 301, CIT 303, or instructor's approval)


CIT 361 - TCP/IP: Managing Network Resources 3 cr.

Course provides in-depth coverage of TCP/IP concepts and protocols including IPv6, VoIP, and other emerging TCP/IP technologies and best practices for implementing and managing a multifunction network. (Prerequisites: CIT 301, CIT 303, or instructor's approval)


COT 490 - Digital Communications Capstone 3 cr.

This is a capstone seminar covering the common theme of data communications among the BAS in Digital Information Technology emphasis courses. Relationships between data organization, digital multimedia, data presentation, data security, and data communications will be covered. Students will finalize the digital portfolio of their accomplishments while completing this degree program. (Prerequisite: senior standing or instructor's approval)

Suggested Course Sequence
Junior Year
Fall Spring
1st Semester Credits 2nd Semester Credits
CIT 303 3 AMS 320 or PHYS 180 3-4
MGT 310 3 MGT 323 or MGT 367 3
ENG 333 3 COM 113 or THTR 221 3
ECON 311 3 INT 349 or INT 359 3
AMS 310, MATH 181, or STAT 152 3-4 GRC 383 3
Total 15-16 Total 15-16
Senior Year
Fall Spring
3rd Semester Credits 4th Semester Credits
IS 301 3 MGT 441 3
GIS 320 3 COT 490 3
INT 339 or INT 369 3 FIN 310 3
CIT 361 3 INT 339 or INT 349 3
CIT 454 3 INT 359 or INT 369 3
Total 15 Total 15

Please note: out-of-state transfer students must also take either PSC 103 (3 credits) or, with advisor's approval, PSC 100 (1 credit) to graduate.

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