Community Concert Association


We welcome one and all to join the Elko Community Concert Association. All members are entitled to attend the full series of concerts in the season. If you would like to further support fine concerts in the Elko area we encourage you to consider joining our patron program as described below and on the linked membership form.

Please print, complete, and mail the membership form
to join Community Concerts.
Concert Series Prices
Adults     $55.00  
Students   (through high school)  $10.00  
Patron Program  
Friend   (1 Subscription)   $70.00  
Supporter   (2 Subscriptions)   $140.00  
Contributor   (4 Subscriptions)   $280.00  
Sponsor   (8 Subscriptions)   $500.00  
Benefactor   (16 Subscriptions)   $1,000.00  
Underwriter   (24 Subscriptions)   $1,500.00  
Corporate   (32 Subscriptions)   $2,000.00  
All patron participants will be gratefully acknowledged in concert programs.
To see our Benefactors & Corporate patrons click on those levels in the list above.
Contributions in excess of the regular subscription costs are tax deductible.
For more information, please call 738-5475.

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