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The fabulous and exciting world of Great Basin College is filled with colorful characters. The Ely Branch Campus is home to one of them: Dr. Frank Daniels. In addition to face-to-face classes, Frank teach via the Internet, via Interactive Video, and in a hybrid format.

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Professional Achievements

During his time at Great Basin College, Dr. Daniels has helped the college to achieve a number of its student-oriented goals. His assistance includes:

  • Dissertation Frank's dissertation was completed at the University of Florida in Summer, 1994. Its title, The Rank-Parity Function of Srinivasa Ramanujan, pays homage to one of the most natural mathematical geniuses who ever lived.
  • Course Development
    • In 1995-1996, he created the first fully-online, web-based course in Web Page Development.
    • In 1996, he provided tips to a student in his Web Pages class about putting mathematics online; she went on to receive a national award for excellence and innovation for her development of a web-based math course.
    • At the request of students in and outside of Nevada, Frank developed two semesters of Precalculus and all three semesters of Calculus for the online medium, making GBC the first college in the world to have a fully web-based Calculus sequence.
    • Since then, Dr. Daniels has developed several other new classes and published two yearbooks for the Ely Branch Campus. However, this work is typical of the sort expected of and produced by every faculty member at GBC.
  • Frank served as chair of the Department of Mathematics for four years (1999-2003). In the tradition of the chairs before and after him, Frank worked together with the members of the department on several noteworthy projects and helped to see that the daily operations of the department were handled smoothly. Beginning in 2008, he provided assistance to Department Chair Xunming Du.
  • Frank worked closely with the student government during several years of transition. He attended their retreats, even speaking at one (in Spring, 2000). One year, he played Dracula in the student-sponsored haunted house. One year, he hosted the Halloween Ball for students in Elko; in 2008 he was a judge for the Halloween costume contest. Occasionally at their request, he cooks chili for the students in Ely during midterm week.
  • As Nevada State College was in its formative stages, Dr. Daniels assisted in the development of the content area of their Secondary Education program in mathematics.
  • As a member of the Secondary Education Committee, Frank worked with members of the Education department to create the Mathematics concentration of GBC's Secondary Education program. Frank is pleased to have worked with Leonardo Sanchez-Saenz, John Newman, Bonnie Hofland, Richard Kampf, and several others on the project -- which was truly a team effort.
  • Working together as the Faculty Senate Bylaws Committee, Frank and several other faculty members created a comprehensive update of the Senate Bylaws; currently, they are working on a similar update for the College Bylaws.
  • Frank served as Secretary to the Faculty Senate in 2002-2003, and again in 2010-11.
  • As Faculty Senate Chair in 2003-2004, Frank worked together with both faculty and administration to create a more cooperative work environment. The faculty that year developed and wrote down several streamlined procedures, including processes for hiring new personnel. That year also saw several systemwide issues arise, and Frank provided leadership in examining certain of those issues from a balanced perspective. This involved the preparation (for the faculty) of a lengthy paper analyzing an enormous source document; it also necessitated asking questions to one of the regents, on behalf of the faculty, at a special meeting called for that purpose. The faculty that year continued to be highly productive, and no "Unfinished Business" was ever held over to a later meeting. As a note of personal success, Frank successfully requested for the Senate a "food budget," so that snacks can be served at Senate meetings! Frank also produced the first draft of a calendar of Senate Chair (and Senate) responsibilities; that calendar has continued to be updated and worked on by the chairs since then.
  • Frank researched the history and concepts of college governance and produced a paper advocating the Shared Governance model.
  • In 2004, Frank received the Great Basin College Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • From 2004-2008 Frank served proudly as the Program Supervisor for GBC's groundbreaking Bachelor of Arts program in Integrative Studies.

  • Following the progress made by Dr. Jay Larson and others up to that point, Dr. Daniels chaired the Compensation and Benefits Committee during the year that they brought forward numerous drafts of a proposed Workload Policy. Working together with the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Mike McFarlane), the committee emerged with a draft that was approved by the Senate, by Dr. McFarlane, and by the college President. Work on various important details remains an ongoing effort.
  • Due to his extensive knowledge of the Board of Regents' Handbook, and to his research into Academic Freedom and Shared Governance, Frank was elected in 2008 to serve as president of the GBC chapter of the Nevada Faculty Alliance. He has since worked together with other faculty members on proposed policy changes that would help both to clarify and to provide details for existing documents connected with the matter of shared governance.
  • Frank served as Faculty Senate Chair again in 2009-10.
  • During his second tenure as Senate Chair, Frank authored several papers that were released college-wide and system-wide. These included:
  • Frank has been working on a paper about functions in polar coordinates, entitled "I Promised You a Rose Garden." This may be published in some form in 2012.
  • For several years, he has worked with the other members of the systemwide committee on Common Course Numbering and the mathematics subcommittee of the Remedial and Developmental Task Force to assist in ensuring smoother transfer for Nevada courses and a more productive student experience in developmental math and English.

  • These are the Courses Frank Has Taught at GBC -- NOT all at once (!)
    • MATH 91 -- Basic Mathematics
    • MATH 95 -- Elementary Algebra
    • MATH 96 -- Intermediate Algebra
    • MATH 110 -- Technical Mathematics I
    • MATH 120 -- Fundamentals of College Mathematics
    • MATH 122 -- Number Theory for Elementary School Teachers
    • MATH 123 -- Statistical & Geometric Concepts for Elementary School Teachers
    • MATH 124 -- College Algebra
    • MATH 126 -- Precalculus I
    • MATH 127 -- Precalculus II
    • MATH 181 -- Calculus I
    • MATH 182 -- Calculus II
    • MATH 283 -- Calculus III
    • MATH 285 (developed and offered but did not run)
    • MATH 290B -- Math for the ACT
    • MATH 310 -- Real Analysis
    • MATH 330 -- Linear Algebra
    • MATH 331 -- Groups, Rings, and Fields
    • MATH 333 -- Number Theory for Secondary School Teachers
    • PHYS 100 -- Intro to Physics
    • MUS 125 -- History of Rock Music
    • PHIL 102 -- Critical Thinking & Reasoning
    • PHIL 129 -- Intro to the New Testament
    • PHIL 145 -- Religion in American Life
    • PHIL 200 -- The Judeo-Christian Tradition
    • PHIL 207 -- Social & Political Philosophy
    • HUM 111 -- Gateway to the Humanities
    • INT 100 -- GBC Orientation
    • INT 339: Ancient Philosophers and Modern Lives
    • INT 339: Across the Universe With the Beatles
    • INT 339: The Amazing Race
    • INT 359: Mathematics in Everything
    • INT 400 -- Internship in Integrative Studies
    • INT 496 -- Capstone in Integrative Studies
    • CIT 151 -- Beginning Web Development
    • COT 222 -- Desktop Publishing With a Word Processing Program
    • IS 201 -- Computer Applications (in Business)
    • Training Courses: Word, Excel, Powerpoint for Teachers
    • Training Courses: ACT Prep (co-taught with Chris Varner)
    • Community Service: World Wide Web Communications
    • Community Service: Learn to Earn on eBay
    • Community Service: All You Need is Ears
    • Community Service: Where We Got the Bible (offered but did not run)

Frank maintains that none of his accomplishments here was done alone. The team spirit of the faculty and staff at Great Basin College was crucial to the success of every project that he worked on or initiated. Credit (or blame) for every one of those successes belongs to each of the people who worked together to achieve them.

Personal Achievements

In what little "spare" time Frank may have, he has engaged in various activities, including:

  • In 2004, Frank authored a price guide on collecting cookbooks (see photo, above right), published by Collector Books, the leading publisher of collectibles guides.
  • Following the above work, he has been interviewed by a number of magazines about cookbooks. In 2008-2009 he wrote a monthly series of articles for the New England Antiques Journal.
  • He translated the New Testament from Greek into English. Part of that translation is found here.
  • He wrote a commentary series on the New Testament, part of which may be found here.
  • While working at GBC, Frank thoroughly updated his best-known and most influential philosophical paper, that on the role of women in the church. Click here to read it.
  • Frank was asked to review Ruth Hoppin's book, Priscilla's Letter, on the authorship of the book of Hebrews. He gladly obliged.
  • Frank wrote the foreword for Dr. Thomas Holland's book, Crowned With Glory.
  • Beatles projects
    • He created the largest, longest-lived website for Beatles collectors -- with over 1000 photos. Click here to visit that site.
    • After collecting Beatles song variations for ten years, he became one of the assistants to Joe Brennan, who compiled the most definitive listing of these variations to date. Frank's website also chronicles these variants.
    • He created the first definitive catalogs of US Beatles (reel-to-reel, four track, eight track, PlayTape, and cassette) tapes. He also created definitive Beatles discographies for a number of other countries, including: Brazil; Chile; France; Germany; India; Italy; Mexico; Peru; Turkey; and others.
    • In May, 2008, Frank assembled his research into the PlayTape format and submitted this previously-undiscovered information as an article for Goldmine magazine. Click here to read that article.
    • Frank has assisted world-renowned Beatles author, Bruce Spizer, in compiling and editing several of his books. He has also provided help to other Beatles authors around the world, including Andrew Croft, Hans-Olof Gottfridsson, Azing Moltmaker, and Jeff Levy.
    • He provided a number of scans to Life magazine for use in Remembering John Lennon, a best-selling tribute to the songwriter.
    • After being an advisor to the Beatles Price Guide series for over 20 years, Frank worked with long-time price-guide guru Perry Cox to create the latest edition of Cox's price guide. This new edition marks the first time a record guide of any kind has been in full color.
    • In 2010, Frank wrote this paper, The Beatles in Stereo
    • Together with Bruce Spizer, Frank completed the 444-page book, Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records. While pre-orders were being accepted, this book was Amazon's #1 book about records. Discounting sheet music, it was also the #1 book about the Beatles. Bruce and Frank premiered the book at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago (August, 2011).
  • As a pastime, Frank compiled a US discography for Led Zeppelin.
  • A price guide to the Beach Boys' records, tapes, and CD's -- by Cox and Daniels -- is in the works. It has been acclaimed by several of the surviving members of the band.
  • Frank is now working on his first book about Elvis Presley.
  • He created a website devoted to mystery author Ellery Queen. The site was praised by Talmadge Powell, one of the authors who wrote as Ellery Queen. Click here to visit that site.
  • Frank has also had several short stories published. Click here to read one of his own mysteries. He and his collaborator, Aimee Hawkins, have written a novel and screen play together -- which have not yet been published. Frank and Aimee each wrote chapters in the online novel, Veri Dead -- the first collaborative effort of its kind.
  • He has written over 200 songs. Click here to read the lyrics to one of them.
  • Frank performed in a locally-produced play about the history of Cherry Creek, playing three short parts in that play. The play was produced by Lorraine Clark and directed by Sue Fahami.
  • Frank's close friend, Max Gretinski, has sponsored several plays and projects during the past several years. Frank would like to think that he suggested a few of those ideas to Max, although perhaps they were Max's alone.
  • During his first year as Senate Chair, Eric Bateman and Frank produced a game called Educopoly, which describes the workings of the Nevada system of higher education in a humorous fashion. This follows Frank's tradition of doing "something silly every year."
  • Frank and friend Hugh Bishop are currently working on another game, Nodak, a science fiction role-playing game. The rulebooks for the game are nearly complete.
  • Frank enjoys drawing comic strips and related projects. His current comic strip project is the superhero strip, The Obese American.
  • Frank wrote a history of a comic book series from the early 1970's. The paper is entitled, The 100 Page Super-Spectacular Story
  • He currently feeds a cat named Curly.

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